Sustainable Solutions in Logistics

Our Mission

Maximum Impact with minimal disruption

BoxTube exists to create a variety of interconnected solutions to enable the global supply chain to decarbonise, reduce material usage and reduce air pollution.  Our pragmatic approach will ensure widespread cooperation in tackling these global challenges by creating solutions which also have economic and convenience benefits.  

We'll develop the tools to expedite our journey to net zero, regardless of conflicting economic pressures.  

It all starts with the box...

On a large scale, standardised shipping containers produced a step change in global logistics in the 1950's, since they enabled the development of efficient handling equipment and methods - larger ships, cranes, trains and trucks. One scale down from that, the standard wooden pallet enabled specialised handling equipment, transport and storage to be developed.  

The BoxTube box will do the same on the next scale down. Our unique reusable box will enable automated and efficient handling of depalletised goods, rapid loading for transport and efficient transfer between different transport modalities. 

Maximises existing infrastructure...

Our unique box will allow us to maximise load space efficiency and decimate loading times in road and rail vehicles with our innovative automated loading and securing solutions; enabling more than a 50% reduction in fuel usage in some circumstances. 

Our systems will fully integrate with current and future warehouse automation and storage solutions. We believe collaboration, not competition is the key to a sustainable future. 

Our compatible ergonomic handling equipment will reduce manual handling injuries and enable a more diverse workforce. 

And ends with the Tube...

Our vision is to develop our BoxTube solutions to be compatible with smart cities of the future.  However, sticking to our pragmatic and sustainable principles, we don't want our existing cities to be torn down to make way for new infrastructure. 

We have conceptualised fully automated subterranean networks to be able to take the logistical load from city streets. These networks could be retrofitted around all existing infrastructure with minimal disruption, using our innovative construction concepts.  

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

Scheduled for delivery...

The climate crisis is urgent and we are sure you'll want to see our solutions in action, but we need time to get them right.   In order that our solutions meet our sustainability aims, they need to be well developed and future-proofed before launch.  So we are investing in the development process to ensure BoxTube is ready to make a positive impact as soon as it goes on sale.  

To bring our ambitious plans to fruition we are going to need your support - so please follow our LinkedIn page and the news section of this website to be kept up to date with our development milestones and collaboration opportunities.  


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